The railroad ties processed at the Pahoa Lumber Mill (1907-
1918) were transported on rail flat cars to Hilo wharf and then
transshipped on steamships to the mainland USA.
Olaa Sugar Company transported a daily average of one
hundred cars loaded with four tons of sugar cane each from
Pahoa to Olaa Mill until 1948 when trucks began hauling directly
from the fields to the mill.

All of the larger freight items, including fertilizer, herbicides,
lumber, animal feed, and store merchandise were loaded in large
red painted boxcars and transported from Hilo to Pahoa.
The Hilo railway ran east from the main business section of
Pahoa town. After intersecting the main village road three
parallel tracks ran in front of the Pahoa station. The center or
main track extended mauka connecting to Olaa Sugar Company’s
track which ran several miles to Pahoa-Mauka. A short track on
the left of the main track led to the sugar plantation’s train house
where locomotive No. 7 was stationed. To the right was the side
track or holding track that lay alongside the Pahoa station which
held the freight boxcars and also Olaa Sugar Company’s sugar
cane cars.

From the early 19OOs passenger cars on the Pahoa-Hilo mu
were a quaint flat-roofed baggage car and two flat-roofed coaches.
The coaches were called Palace Cars by the local people. The
Pahoa-Hilo round-trip fare in 1909 was $1.45

The Hilo Railroad was sold for one million dollars to the
bondholders, including Theo H Davies, Ltd., at a foreclosure
proceeding held on March 1 , 1916. The company was
reorganized as the Hawaii Consolidated Railway.

During the 1910s and 1920s the railway company dispatched
a special motorcoach to Pahoa on the Fourth of July holiday to
provide transportation for the Pahoa people attending the various
entertainment in Hilo. The motorcoach left Pahoa at 7 a.m. and
returned after dark in the evening.


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