The anthuriums plants with their glossy green leaves and heart.-
shaped flowers in an array of slid or mixed colors are one of the
most popular flowering plants.

The anthurium, Andraeanum Andre, is a native of Colombia.
It is part of the family Aranae that includes taro, monstera, calla
my, and dieffenbachia.

The flrst anthuriums were imported from England in 1889 by
Samuel N, Damon and planted in his Moanalua botanical garden.
One of the first persons to grow anthuriums in Hilo was Herbert
Shipman. There were several other local pioneers of whom one
was Kisataro Keno of Kaumana. Kono produced anthurium
seedlings that were sold to Katsuto Hayashi who probably was
the first to grow anthuriums in Pahoa in the 1930s.

Situated on the windward side of the island of Hawaii, Pahoa
is blessed with a sub-tropical climate of adequate sunlight and a
sufficient amount of rainfall. These favorable natural conditions
were ideally suited for raising anthuriums. The anthuriums plants
virtually grew wild and the flowers bloomed profusely. During
the early 1940s no one predicted or envisioned that this exotic
flower would blossom into a multi-million dollar floral industry.


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